Pass box with air shower

Pass box with air shower

Pass box with air showerNPB-868J

Air shower with 4 jet nozzles is added to normal pass box.Clean up the delivered goods and parts.

More detailed product drawing download from here


Model NPB-868J
Air flow volume 3.9m3/min or more
Jet wind speed 23m/sec or more
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Filter Pre-filter – Nonwoven fabric filter
Main filter – HEPA filter
Configuration Main body – Steel plate baked paint finish
Window – Transparent glass
Door lock – Machanical interlock
Floor – Punching board made of SUS304
Number of jet nozzles 4 outlets (φ30)
Power AC200V・3φ・50/60Hz
Power consumption About 450/500W
Weight About 200kg

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