Clean package with sterilization function NCP – 30S

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Air volume is about 6 times that of general home air purifiers, quickly disinfecting a wide range!
■Perform a wide range of eradication rapidly with a large amount of air.
Improve rapidly in strong mode! Maintaining the environment in gentle mode!

■Reduce the area of 45 m² to 1/10 floating number in about 15 minutes!

■Enzyme sterilization HEPA filter installed.
Reliable reliable with filter filtration method!

■Built-in large filter.
Long service life for about 3 years with standard use (8H / day)!



Strong Gentle
Air flow volume 50Hz About 30m3/min About 16m3/min
60Hz About 35m3/min About 16m3/min
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Filter Pre-filter: Saran net
Main filter: HEPA filter
(Lytic enzyme fixed glass fiber)
Configuration Steel plate baked paint finish
Power AC100V・1φ・50/60Hz
Power consumption 50Hz 320W 200W
60Hz 520W 260W
Noise 50Hz 59dB 49dB
60Hz 64dB 48dB
Weight About 150kg
Paint color Steel body; Ivory color * Please specify the specified color separately.


Performance evaluation data

Evaluation data PDF

Clean Package Physical Evaluation Test Basic Data
Experiment date January 25th, 2017
Experiment site Hospital room (4 people) at Aoki Hospital in Honjo-shi
Size of hospital room size 5.9m (W) x 5.6m (D) x 2.5m (H) (33㎡)
Equipment of hospital room Bed 4 beds, air conditioning, ventilation fan, north east side window equipped, floor material: long sheet
The space for one floor separated by a curtain is 2.4 m × 2.85 m
Basic environmental measurement
Noise level (dB) Hospital room condition In a state where the curtain is closed at the bed head position
Measurement result When stopped: 36 to 37
During gentle operation: 45 to 46
During strong operation: 51-53
Particle measurement
(Cleanliness transition)
Hospital room condition Air conditioner ON (with swing) Ventilation fan OFF
Each curtain of the bed is closed
Begin the measurement after opening the window and taking outside air before the start of measurement


Attenuation data of strong mode


Attenuation data of gentle mode


Site of evaluation

Evaluation scenery

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