Blowing out unit

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  • 超省エネ型精密温湿度空調機 eONE
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  • クリーンパッケージ他クリーン機器

Blowing out unit


Blowing out unitNS

It is a unit that supplies dust-free and sterile clean air to the room by installing it on the indoor ceiling as a non-laminar type clean room ceiling blow outlet.


[NS standard specification]

Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Main body Steel plate baked paint finish
Blowing outlet Baked paint finish of steel plate punching board
Filter HEPA filter


[Product specification]

Specified air volume HEPA filter size
NS-28 28㎥/min 610×610×150
NS-35 35㎥/min 610×762×150
W1 W2 W3 D1 D2 P N H1 H2 H3
NS-28 680 750 400 680 750 107.5 12 450 200 230(Bisecting)
NS-35 840 910 500 680 750 106 14 450 200 230(Bisecting)

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