Side-stream facing air curtain unit

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  • 超省エネ型精密温湿度空調機 eONE
  • 次世代型精密温湿度空調機 eONE-40
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  • クリーンパッケージ他クリーン機器

Side-stream facing air curtain unit


Side-stream facing air curtain unit

While the shutter and door are open, create a barrier with air flow to prevent invasion of insects and dust, and cold & warm air and odor outflow.

[Standard specification] (reference)

Opening size W 900~2000/2001~4000/4001~6000
H 2000~6000
Blower(A×B) (400×400)/(500×500)/(750×650)
Air outlet width 70/130/200
Blowing wind speed 9.5 to 14.0 m / sec (It depends on the opening size)
Main body Steel plate baked paint finish
Paint color Ivory color
air input Filter SUS # 20 mesh
air outlet 0 to 30 ° manually changeable
Power AC200V・3φ・ 50/60Hz




Power 400V/440V
Material SUS
Paint Corrosion-resistant coating

* Louver Specifications: Corresponding to the place where direct rain takes place (Specifications separate)
Please consult us separately.

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