Other Clean Products

Other Clean Products


Air Curtain

While the shutter and door are open, create a barrier with air flow to prevent invasion of insects and dust, and cold & warm air and odor outflow.

Clean BenchNBE

The clean bench is an economical device that locally keeps the highest cleanliness on the workbench.There are two kinds of horizontal flow type in which clean air is blown forward from the front and vertical air flow type blown vertically downward by the ceiling surface, and various types are lined up according to work and use.

Blowing out unitNS

It is a unit that supplies dust-free and sterile clean air to the room by installing it on the indoor ceiling as a non-laminar type clean room ceiling blow outlet.

Blowing out unit with a fanNSF

This is a unit that sucks and pressurizes external air with a fan and supplies clean air through a HEPA filter

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