Small fan filter unit

Small fan filter unit


Small fan filter unit

Easy to clean at low cost!

■Clean the small space locally!
■Suitable for various applications such as small clean booth, clean bench, clean storage cabinet!
■Since this is using a grounded outlet, you can use it immediately after purchasing.

Also see the assembled aluminum clean booth page combined with FFU.



Example of use


Air flow volume About 0.8m3/min About 3m3/min About 5m3/min
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Configuration Steel plate baked paint finish
Power AC100V・50/60Hz
Power consumption About 15W About 40W About 40W
Weight About 3kg About 6kg About 9kg
HEPA dimensionW×D×H(mm) 203×203×68 305×305×68 610×305×68
Body dimensionW×D×H(mm) 275×235×135 380×340×170 645×380×170

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