Fan filter unit

Fan filter unit


Fan filter unit NSF

■Energy saving design
By adopting the newly developed DC brushless motor for the fan motor, we succeeded in reducing power consumption by about half compared with the conventional Sirocco fan. (Compared to our company)

■World wide power supply
It does not have to worry about the power supply of the installation site AC 100V ~ 240V 50 / 60Hz power supply adopted!

■Ultra light design
Dramatic weight saving is realized by reviewing the appearance structure and fan motor!

■Prefilter as standard equipment
To increase the replacement time of the HEPA filter by taking large dust and to protect the fan motor, the resin molded saran net is equipped as standard!

■Adjustable air volume
By adjusting the air volume control knob, you can freely adjust the air volume within the range from the maximum to the minimum.




Air flow volume
About 3.7/7
About 5.3/10
About 8.5/12.5
About 11.4/17
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Main filter HEPA filter *1
Pre-filter Resin-molded saran net
500×500×155 610×610×155 760×610×155 1220×610×155
About 49/58(dB) About 52/61(dB) About 58/64(dB) About 55/60(dB)
Power Voltage · Frequency free AC 100 V to 240 V · 50/60 Hz
Power consumption
About 18/49W About 24/71W About 42/84W About 41/83W
Weight About 9kg About 11.5kg About 13kg About 20kg
Configuration Main body – Steel plate baked paint finish *2
Paint color White gray
Standard price ¥140,000(Tax not included) ¥150,000(Tax not included) ¥160,000(Tax not included) ¥220,000(Tax not included)

*1 Exchange to the ULPA filter is possible. (However, it differs from the described specification.)

*2 Stainless steel plate is also available.
★ The values stated are representative values and do not guarantee the variation.
(Specifications posted here may be changed without notice for improvement.)

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