Fan filter unit

Fan filter unit


This is a fan filter unit that sucks and pressurizes external air with a fan and supplies clean air through a HEPA filter.

Fan filter unit

This is energy-saving, ultra lightweight and compatible with free power supply (100 V to 240 V)! Moreover, the air volume can be adjusted with a strong / weak changable switch.

High performance sirocco fan filter unit

A large wind amount of 17 m3 / min at maximum can be obtained from the 610 × 610 mm blowing surface.Best as a fan filter unit for large clean booth.After installation, replacement of HEPA filter is possible from the bottom.

Small fan filter unit

Easy/Low cost and cleaner realization! It is best for locally cleaning small spaces.
This can be used for various applications such as small clean booth, clean bench and clean storage and can be used immediately with a grounded outlet.

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