Super energy saving precision temperature and humidity air conditioner


What is eONE that realizes precision air conditioning with super energy saving

  • Replace AHU (air handling unit) and external conditioner with eONE → 
    super energy saving temperature and humidity management!
  • Unnecessary heat source equipment (various cold water refrigerators / boilers) → 
    exhausted by all electrification dwindling fuel not used! CO2 emissions are also reduced!
  • Cooling dehumidification mechanism · heating mechanism · humidification mechanism → All in one!
  • Because eONE is a refrigerator integrated type, 100% recovered heat utilization (temperature / humidity) technology (patent: No. 4593689) was realized.
  • Both heating and humidifying by heat pump (using recovery heat)
  • Excellent control stability with low temperature and humidity fluctuation
  • 従来型の精密空調器
  •  * Comparison with air conditioning equipment that processes heating and humidification with electric heaters.

This is only eONE that you can use 100% recycling heat with a large air volume equivalent to ~ 360 m3 / min and both heating and humidifying. Cut the running cost up to 80% *.

超省エネ型精密温湿度空調機 eONE-A1W

FeaturesⅠ Super Saving Energy

  • ● 100% recycled heat utilization prior to industry
  • ● Direct heat source less
  • ● Up to 80% energy saving, compare with Direct Expansion Cooler & Electric Heater
  • ● Humidifier heater + drop evaporative filter realize precise humidification

FeaturesⅡ Super Saving Energy

  • ● The powerfulness of the device equipped with the direct expansion chiller & the electric heater is as it is!
  • ● Controllable to 5 to 50 ° C / 10 to 90% RH with 180 m³ of adiabatic prefabricated
省エネ効果の高い精密空調器 eONE-A1W

FeaturesⅢ Excellent control stability with less temperature and humidity fluctuation!

  • ● Temperature control stability ±0.03℃ *
  • ● Humidity control stability ±0.2%RH *
* This is a relative value representing the temperature and humidity fluctuation range (the difference between the highest value and the lowest value) at the time of control stability and does not indicate absolute accuracy.

Direct expansion chiller & electric heater mounted type precision air conditioning equipment has been uneasy about the control stability necessarily because the air is partially heated by the heater and humidified steam is mixed later.The eONE – A1W / eONE – A 05 W realizes more precise control stability because it efficiently cools, dehumidifies, humidifies and heats the entire surface through which air passes.


FeaturesⅣ Enhanced refrigeration circuit maintenance function

  • 冷却器のPID制御と精密空調
● Superheat degree control
Always monitor coolant inlet coolant temperature at point A and refrigerant outlet refrigerant temperature at point B and PID control the expansion valve to achieve the proper degree of superheat [B - A].This maximizes the cooling rate and at the same time prevents liquid return to the compressor.
● Freezing criticality control
Always monitor the coolant inlet refrigerant temperature at point A and PID control the flow rate of hot gas so that point A maintains the freezing critical temperature.This maximizes the cooling efficiency and at the same time prevents freezing of the cooler.
● HGB injection control
eONE constantly monitors the refrigeration circuit pressure and PID controls the hot gas bypass flow rate so that it does not become a dangerous high pressure condition.This makes it possible to control the control temperature range up to 50 ° C.


FeaturesⅤ All functions and control are integrated on one board!

  • ● PC cooperation possible with RS-232C
    Improvement of electricity can be “visualized” in real time with standard software “energy saving monitor”.
    In addition, various control states and driving conditions can be monitored in real time.

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