Sheet shutter type NAS-T161PSL2-AU

◎ Improve airtightness.
Adopted resin guide for seat rail

Adopted a seat shutter with a narrow pace and easy passage through a truck to the door. Furthermore, core parts of air shower and seat shutter are merged , and realized significant low cost.

※ No door space required


Model NAS-T161PSL2-AU
Air flow volume 15.6m3/min or more
Air flow speed 23m/sec or more
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Filter Pre-filter – Nonwoven fabric filter
Main filter – HEPA filter
Behavior With interlock
Configuration Main body – Steel plate baked paint finish

Door – Sheet Shutter

   - Front room side: Automatic

   - Clean room side: Automatic

Window – Transparent sheet

Floor – Not installed

Blowout opening 16 nozzles (Resin Bunker φ30)
Fan unit 2 units (0.72kW)
Light LED lighting 20W x 1 unit
Operation Touch panel:Lighting setting
Shower timer
Power AC200V・3φ・50/60Hz
Power consumption About 1100/1600W
weight About 350kg

※Applicable by SUS specification by request.
※Interlocking with automatic hand finger disinfector etc is also possible.

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