Automatic door type for Dual-blowNAS-T161PSL2-AS

Automatic door type.
Resolved hand hygiene and hygiene problems.

Dual-blow type which entrance and exit became automatic doors. Therefore, it is convenient when entering and leaving with baggage, it is also functional in terms of hygiene because there is no contact with the door knob.


Model NAS-T161PSL2-AS
Air flow volume 15.6m3/min or more
Air flow speed 23m/sec or more
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Filter Pre-filter – Nonwoven fabric filter
Main filter – HEPA filter
Behavior With interlock
Configuration Main body – Steel plate baked paint finish

Door – Aluminum frame door

   - Front room side: One side pulling automatic door

   - Clean room side: One side pulling automatic door

Window – Transparent glass t5.0

Floor – Not installed

Blowout opening 16 nozzles (Resin Bunker φ30)
Fan unit 2 units (0.72kW)
Light LED lighting 20W x 1 unit
Operation Touch panel:Lighting setting
Shower timer
Power AC200V・3φ・50/60Hz
Power consumption About 1100/1600 W
weight About 260kg

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