Air shower for large package

Air shower for large package


Air shower for large packageNAS-945G-AW

This can be used when carrying large-sized equipment and a large amount of raw materials to and from the clean room.


Model NAS-945G-AW
Jet air volume 91㎥/min or more
Jet wind speed 23m/sec or more
Dust collection efficiency 99.97% or more with 0.3μm particle
Filter Pre-filter – Nonwoven fabric filter
Main filter – HEPA filter
Construction Main body – Steel plate baked paint finish

Door – Aluminum flash door

   - Front room side: Automatic

   - Clean room side: Automatic

Window – Transparent glass

Floor – Not installed

Number of Jet nozzles 94 places (φ30)
Fan unit 8 units
Light 16W x 10 unit
Operation Air jet mode (automatic / manual) switch
Lighting switch
Air jet timer (0-60sec)
Power AC100V・1φ・50/60Hz
Power consumption About 6500/7500W
Weight About 3200kg

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