Home air shower

Home air shower


Home air shower

This will remove pollen from the room by 90%!

We will offer a compact size air shower with designing so that it can be installed at the entrance as a household use.

The necessity of air shower as pollen countermeasure equipment is increasing.
Nitto Reinetsu Inc. applies air shower, which has been delivered to semiconductors and food factories for over 30 years, for pollen control and provides home air shower.
Pollen and dust may adhere to the clothes and brought into the room or even if the interior is closed, the interior of the room may become negative due to ventilation fans and enter from the gap of the room.
Air shower has the effect of removing pollen and dust mainly adhering to clothes by about 90%, especially when used in conjunction with indoor air purification device, it is more effective.

・It is possible to start up just by inserting it into a 100 V outlet.
・You can choose from embedded type with door and embedded type with unit wall.

Type selection

Case study (unit wall embedded type)

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