Special use example of air shower

Special use example of air shower

Proposal an air shower according to customers.

Air shower with ionizer

Incorporate an ionizer at the air shower outlet to simultaneously remove static electricity and dust from clothes and objects with static electricity to improve dust removal efficiency.

Seat shutter opening and closing type air shower

Combine a durable seat shutter and air shower when loading articles with a forklift or dolly. There is no worry of drawing to draw because of opening and closing up and down.

Air shower with window

By installing the windows, it is posible to check if the air shower is being carried out with the correct usage method. Also possible to use thorough methods of using sound.

Double slide door type air shower

It will be installed mainly in large raw material outlets and equipment loading ports. The double slide system can shorten the opening and closing time by enlarging the drawer due to the size of the frontage.

Super wind speed air showers

Using a large fan, clean air of 40 m / sec or more removes dust adhering to large-sized weight items.

Air shower with low position punker

Lower the position of the punker and blow it directly to dust on the wheels of the trolley and the carriage surface. * Air shower for dolly

Blind partition curtain air shower

By eliminating the door and installing a simple vinyl curtain, it is possible to use it as a partition of factories etc. where there are many people to enter and leave.

Air shower with a door pocket

Adjust the dimensions of the air shower to fill the gap of the wall to save labor in the construction of the partition wall and the descending wall.

Air shower for large machine

It is installed mainly in a large-scale automatic carrier and a forklift entry point in the clean room to remove dust from the machine.

Down flow air shower

When blowing from the side panel, dust flowing on the upper part in the shower room is sent downflow air from the upper front surface to prevent dust accumulation.

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