Air Shower

Air Shower

Install at the entrance of a clean room or a clean room and remove dust and hair adhering to the workers’ clothes with clean air.

Standard Air Shower

Single-blown shower with jet wind speed of 23 m / sec or more. HEPA (dust collection efficiency of 99.97% or more) is installed in the main filter.

Width 1200 in Dual-blow types. Best for narrow aisles.

Automatic door type.
Resolved hand hygiene and hygiene problems.

Integrated design of air shower and sheet shutter.
Best for hygiene control of food factories.
There are 4 combinations of width 800 and 1200 types, depth 1000 and 1500 types.

※ No door space required

Various air shower

We will design and manufacture dimensions, colors etc. according to the construction layout.

This is a compact air shower that can be installed at the entrance of the house.

Approximately 90% of pollen brought in the room can be removed and this can be used at 100 V outlet.

This is most suitable for flow work in the clean room.

Conveyor for conveyance is installed and this is most suitable for flow into the clean room. This can also be used as a loading port for raw materials to the clean room.

This is most suitable for carrying out large-sized, large amount of equipment and raw materials

This can be used when carrying large-sized equipment and a large amount of raw materials to and from the clean room.

Air shower with built-in seat shutter

Seat shutter built in air shower case

Since there is no protrusion of the winding box of the seat shutter, there is no dust accumulation. Because seat shutter is built in, installation work can be done easily.


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