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Corpotate Information




Corporate Philosophy

Our vision is to contribute to society through continual evolution to better our future & the world.With integrity & our leading technology in manufacturnig,we are fully committed to provide an optimal air environment solution to achive Customer Satisfaction as well as well-begin of employee.




Company overview

Head Office
1264 Namiyanagi, Hanno-shi, Saitama 357-0021 Japan

[Sales (dial in)]
TEL:+81-429-73-3142 FAX:+81-429-73-3292

Nagoya Sales Office
6F, No. 2 Mori Building, 4-2-24-5 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya-shi, Aichi 450-0002 Japan
[Representative]TEL:+81-52-582-0210 FAX:+81-52-582-0212

Fukuoka Sales Office
4F Fukuoka Horiya Building, 1-3-10 Toko,
Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka 812-0008 Japan
[Representative] TEL:+81-92-475-1210 FAX:+81-92-475-1215
Overseas bases 海外
Japan Air Solution ( Malaysia ) Sdn. Bhd.
Address : 1-3A-3A, Elit Avenue Business Park Jalan Mayang Pasir 3, Bayan Baru, 11950 Penang, Malaysia Operation
Hours : 08:00 ~ 17:15 HR (Malaysia Local Time )
Tel : +604 637 0787  Fax : +604 637 0781
Establishment June 10, 1974
Capital 100 million yen (Unlisted)
Activities The production, sale and maintenance of ultra energy-saving temperature/humidity control units and air cleaning devices
Manufacture of cooling devices
No. of employees Total: 148 persons. (As of April 1, 2020)
 : Eiichi Ichikawa
 : Masaru Mukaida
Vice President
 : Shinichi Ono
Auditor (part-time)
 : Nobuyuki Funayama
Executive Officer
 : Ryuichi Ishihara
   Osamu Ohguri
   Akehiko Kuroda
   Toru Sanada
   Toshiyuki Miyanaga
CEO : 
   Eiichi Ichikawa
President : 
   Masaru Mukaida
   Masaru Mukaida
Vice President : 
   Masaru Mukaida
   Shinichi Ono
Auditor (part-time) : 
   Nobuyuki Funayama
Executive Officer : 
   Ryuichi Ishihara
   Osamu Ohguri
   Akehiko Kuroda
   Toru Sanada
   Toshiyuki Miyanaga



1974 The four companies of NEC, Nihon Denki Seiki, TOMEN and Toyokucho jointly invested to establish as a production plant for dust collectors, refrigerators (small refrigerators for NEC, showcases, AC units)
1979 Began the production and sale of clean devices
1980 Accreditation to display the JIS label on electric refrigerators and electric freezers
1992 Began the development and production of machine cooling devices
1994 Development of household wine cellars
1996 Development of non-chlorofluorocarbon insulation (water foamable)
1998 Acquired ISO9001 accreditation
1999 Acquired a permit from the Mayor of Saitama prefecture for
Business in machinery & equipment installation of construction industry
2001 Acquired ISO14001 accreditation
Retreated from the refrigerator and wine cellar businesses in line with Nihon Denki Home Electronics’ retreat from electrical home appliances
2006 Withdraw from refrigerator & wine cellar businesses in line with Nihon Denki Home Electronics’withdraw from electrical home appliances
2007 Established the Fukuoka sales office
2009 Acquired a permit from the Minister for business in machinery & equipment installation of construction industry
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transportation Permit (General – 21) No. 23163
2014 Celebrated our 40th anniversary
2015 Established Japan Air Solution ( Malaysia ) Sdn Bhd
Won Grand Prize for Excellence in Energy Efficiency and Conservation ”eONE”

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